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Advice from Corporate Recruiters

We asked our Corporate Recruiters: What's the most important advice you would give a Job candidate to gain the edge above the competition and get that interview?

"Have excellent qualifications, skills and experience. Do your research and make sure that you can step in and contribute to the bottom line. I'm looking to hire the most effective, efficient employee who can get up to speed fast and make an impact."

"Make sure you are qualified for the job. Come prepared, be professional and tell me how you can help our company achieve our objectives. Don't come with your list of demands and what you think the job should be."

What makes a candidate Resume stand out to make you want to interview them?

  • Good written communication skills.
  • Good references, credentials or achievements.
  • Ability to follow instructions well.
  • And, of course, excellent qualifications, professionalism, related accomplishments.

After you have received a candidate's resume and they have applied for a position at your company, what can the candidate do to increase his/her chances of an interview at your company?

"A follow up call is okay after sending the resume. If I'm not available, a nice brief voice mail will do. Leave a good impression!"

"The first step towards increased chances of landing the 'all important interview' is to be more accessible and visible to companies who are in a position to hire. Marketing yourself and utilizing tools and tips for job searching will increase your visibility and highlight your valuable niche status."

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