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An MBA Internship Is Essential for Career Success

Want a job - get an internship, that's the advice from MBAs in a recent QuickPoll at MBACareers.com

MBA Internship QuickPoll Stats

The survey stated:

  • 88% of MBA interns report that they received a job offer or were hired by the firm they interned with.
  • 85% of MBAs stated that their internship helped accelerate their career.
  • 89% of MBAs stated that they created networking contacts during their internship that have helped them in their career path (of the 89%, 68% were male, 32% female).
  • A slight majority, 54% stated that they created a mentor relationship as a result of their internship (of the 54%, 76% were female, 24% male).

We asked our Corporate Recruiters: After you have received a candidate's resume and they have applied for a position at your company, what can the candidate do to increase his/her chances of an interview at your company?

Survey Reveals Ultimate Career Goals of MBAs

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