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Using Niche Job Boards Net Bigger Benefits Opposed to Larger Job Boards

By: Dave Landry

Niche job boards certainly serve up a variety of benefits. Hiring managers can target the best candidates, and job seekers can find the best fit for their professional goals.

Many ask if job boards are still relevant? Absolutely. Job boards were found to be third behind referrals and career sites for hiring sources, according to iCIMS research. And niche job boards are more relevant than ever before.

When using a large job board to connect with the right candidates, your post may get lost among the millions of other job advertisements. However, niche job boards narrow down the search for qualified new hires.

“Right from the get-go, you’re assured that the results your search returns will at the very least be in your chosen industry, meaning you can avoid all of that false hope and frustration,” says Kat Boogaard of The Daily Muse.


Niche Job Boards are Smaller, But Way More Powerful

Niche job boards are beneficial for both hiring managers and job seekers. They are platforms focused on location and industry. Allowing HR recruiters and hiring managers to maximize job advertisement efforts.

The candidates browsing niche job boards are also more focused and looking to maximize their efforts. They are career growth minded with skills and knowledge that are a necessity for companies.

“Applicants from niche sites tend to be more qualified—because their skill set more often matches what the employer is looking for,” explains Alexis Grant of U.S. News.


Benefits of Niche Job Boards for Hiring Managers

Hiring managers who use niche job boards are getting a stream of qualified candidates to choose from. The candidates are from a specific industry, possessing relevant experience.

Sure, hiring managers will not see a large amount of resume traffic using niche job boards. However, less is often more. You will certainly get more serious, pre-qualified applicants.

This saves you from weeding out those who are not even remotely qualified. And a quicker position fill time makes for a more efficient and effective HR department.

Niche job boards are also exceptional for finding candidates who hold an MBA, offer an element of diversity, or female professionals in a variety of industries.


How to Qualify the Right Niche Job Board for You

Taking the time to qualify the right niche job board for you will enhance the quality of potential candidates for hiring managers and the right fit for job seekers. Maximize your efforts by investing a bit of time in finding the perfect platform.


Questions to consider when qualifying the right niche job board are . . .

  • Does the niche job board have a clear marketing strategy? Many niche job boards will have a social media presence, and checking it can ensure they are in the niche they claim.
  • How many job postings does the site have? A niche job board with a variety of posts daily will help you determine the platform’s authority.
  • What is the user experience like? Do job postings offer contact information, and is it easy to apply for jobs on the platform? You are choosing a niche job board to maximize efficiency, and a poor user experience will yield negative results.
  • What is the support experience? Whether you are a hiring manager or job seeker, support is vital to any great niche job board.

You want to ensure that the niche job board you are using will get you results. Job seekers want access to positions in their specific fields. And hiring managers want to fill those same positions with qualified candidates.

Finding the right fit is essential. However, once you identify the best niche job boards for your industry or specifications, your efforts will net success.