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Why you need an MBA to succeed as an Intrapreneur

By: James Cummings                                       

In career progression and fulfillment, it is possible that you feel, think or simply know that your potentials are being under-utilized in your organization, and this makes you feel as though you are stuffed in a box. It may be that you simply have great ideas which will help your organization move forward but you feel it’s not in your place to speak up.

These scenarios and more point to the fact that you have an entrepreneurial spirit in you. If you want to keep working in the organization, then, you only need to find ways to communicate your findings to the company. Yes, it may be rejected, but sooner or later, your skills will be noticed and appreciated, and before you say Jack Robinson, your position will have changed to that of an Intrapreneur.

Who is an Intrapreneur?

An Intrapreneur is a person who has an entrepreneurial spirit but who prefers to work in an organization. The decision to work in an organization may stem from various reasons, including lack of capital and resources or simply the desire to understand to a large extent how a company is run.

Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur

An Intraprenuer initiates actions on new products, services, programs, innovations and policies within an organization, while an entrepreneur does all that the Intraprenuer does, but in his own set up organization.

As an Intrapreneur, you have free rein in the organization, and even though you may not start at the managerial level, after some years, the probability that you will get to the position of decision makers in is close to a 100 percent. Intrapreneurship position helps you utilize your talents, passion and creativity to its full extent, thereby giving you better job satisfaction. Every company need Intrapreneurs to bring forth change in ways they do not notice, they need people who can help with innovation to meet up with global change. One of the best sides to being an Intrapreneur is that, you develop ‘on the job’ skills which will motivate you to learn how to start your own business whenever you deem it fit.

An example of an Intrapreneur is ‘Healey Cypher’ of E-bay. Due to his constant communication with consumers, he was able to detect a need for physical retail services alongside the E-commerce offered by E-bay at the time. He communicated this to the CEO and boom, store fronts were created, which big retailers such as Toys R us and Sony later installed. His innovative idea became another department in E-bay and his position was promoted to become the Chief of Staff of global product Management.


Why you need an MBA


Being an Intrapreneur like Healey gives you adequate on the job training as you evolve with new systems, technology and innovation over the years. However, there are certain skills you need which only an MBA will give you. Let’s start with the traits you should normally possess as an Intrapreneur. You must be passionate, creative, persuasive, resilient, a great team payer, brave and always have a Can-Do attitude.


Having an MBA helps you understand the benefits of networking. There are various sects of people who attend an MBA program. As an Intrapreneur, you need various networks for your work. From the IT specialist, to the owner of a delivery company, to freelancers offering various services and many more, you need them all. You also learn additional skills like how to read financial statements and how to understand that the road to success in business is not a straight line says Aileron of Forbes.


In addition, an MBA teaches you how to work successfully in a team. As easy as it may seem, working as part of a team are some people’s greatest weakness but getting an MBA teaches you the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of working in a team successfully. An MBA teaches you how to meet impossible deadlines. When your professor gives you what you will term an unrealistic deadline, you have no choice than to work as much as possible to meet it, which in-turn equips you for the world of business.