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Gaining Niche Talent Requires Niche Know-how

Interviewing Tips for the Interviewer

Everyday, The Career Exposure Network&trade answers questions from and gives guidance to Job Seekers seeking jobs with the Best Companies. What if we turn the tables? Are you prepared to show Niche Candidates what you have to offer? Do you know what these candidates look for? To woo women, diverse and MBA Job Seekers, leverage these points:

  • Women Candidates: A CareerWomen.com poll revealed that women often leave jobs to expand opportunities or to create higher earning potential. Plus, mentors are critical. 62% of female QuickPoll respondents state that they have a formal or informal mentor!
  • Diverse Candidates: DiversitySearch.com Candidates report that they highly value corporate diversity and affinity programs, and use this as key criteria when considering employment opportunities. However, minorities are still impacted by barriers to advancement. Ideal employers would consistently reward contributions from all!
  • MBA Candidates: Men and women participating in a recent MBACareers.com QuickPoll don't agree on what motivates them. QuickPoll results suggest that male MBAs look for networking potential and corporate advancement, while female MBAs seek out credibility in their roles as well as career opportunities.

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