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Gender Gap Found in Male and Female Career Aspirations

Men and women have starkly different reasons for obtaining an MBA. While both pursue an MBA to increase earning potential, the commonality ends there. Men obtain an MBA for networking and preparation for entrepreneurship and advancement while women hope that an MBA will gain them additional career opportunities and credibility in the workplace. Men did not cite credibility as a motivator for obtaining an MBA.

Additionally, long-term career goals for male and female MBAs differ as well. Men acquiring an MBA aspire to become President or CEO of both public and private companies or to start their own businesses. Women MBAs, however, ranked management consulting, executive level vice-President positions and non-profit executive management high among their career goals.

Said JillXan Donnelly of MBACareers.com about the differences found, "There is a significant gender gap that exists between male and female MBAs. While a graduate business degree may be necessary to both men and women who expect to excel and lead in the business world, women clearly view the MBA as their badge of credibility and hope that it will help open career doors. Men expect to hold the top leadership positions and for women, it is still the exception."

Source: KIP Business Report

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