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How to Prepare for Interview Questions

It is virtually impossible to predict every question that can be asked during an interview. You can however, prep yourself so that the answers will be natural and forthcoming. Prepare a list potential interview questions well ahead of time and also prepare a list of your selling points. It should include the skills, experience, qualifications, background, and personality traits that would apply to a particular job. Study these religiously.

You should pay special attention to job announcements or job descriptions. Usually, the phrases used will accurately describe what skills the employer is looking for in the candidate. You can practice answering yourself until you feel you have your responses down "just right." Memorizing is never the right approach. Simply study until you feel comfortable with the correct answers.

There is an old saying that "Facts tell, but stories sell." There is a lot of wisdom in these words. When asked a particular question, do not be shy in telling a story about your experience in dealing with the subject matter. While it is not recommended to go overboard in the storytelling, interviewers will remember your responses if you personalize them and the odds of getting hired are greater.

Most interviewers will ask a question with an underlying need to know, "What's in it for me?" If you are prodded to come up with an answer, it may register as a negative to the interviewer. In your answers, you should volunteer automatically any information that shows merging your skills with their needs will enhance business. Even when the question pops up about your past experiences, the real question is always "What can you do for me now?"

If you can remember to answer in ways that show initiative and commitment, your chances will be excellent in nailing down the position being offered.

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