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How to Prepare for the Interview

You can never have enough preparation for the interview. Self-assessment should be at the top of the charts. Whether it is an employer or graduate program you are interested in, you should take quality time in reflecting on your skills and abilities. An employer will be keenly interested in how you see yourself fitting in.

Logistics may be a field highly overlooked in the interviewing process. Your level of concern in getting the job will be reflected by the amount of attention you give to knowing the interview date, time, and location. If you arrive late, your chances are killed before you even walk through the door. It is better to sit in the company lobby for an hour, than to be one minute late even if the excuse is legitimate.

Make sure you bring extra copies of your resume and any other relevant information. This should also include personal references and contacts that can be reached at a moment's notice. Not being prepared will immediately send up a red flag, and you will rarely get a second chance to make a first impression in life. The people doing the interviewing are looking at hundreds, perhaps thousands of applications. All it takes if for a moment for them to assess who you are and the philosophies you represent in life.

If you find yourself in a nervous frenzy just before the interview, take a walk, breathe deeply, and visualize something calming to you. Sweaty palms can be an embarrassment if the job calls for someone cool under pressure. Compose yourself; focus on how you want to present your qualifications and Good Luck!

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