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How to Write a Winning Resume

It is easy to get caught up in the rhetoric of writing a winning essay. If you know anything about advertising, the concept is a hook that will catch a fair share of "fish" every time the advertising net is cast out. There is no "winning" resume. However, there are resumes that are highly effective and are able to get the job done. It does not matter whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a top VP, or just a student looking for that first job, your resume must highlight the skills and experiences that can benefit the employer.

There are far too many people in key positions because the employer liked their "winning" resume. Take the time to reflect deeply on who you are, and what you will be able to bring to the company. This means the "value" that you will add by being hired. You are going to come across a thousand different resume formats, and you will be up many nights worrying if a particular format is the best the employer has ever seen. Keep it effective and simple. Make your resume user friendly to the man or woman that has to read it. Adhere to the rules of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Be honest and authentic in the way your present your experiences, qualifications and references.

This is where you arrive at a point of realization; that being authentic and effective is the actual "attention" grabber in a whirlpool of countless resumes that will land on an interviewer's desk If you resume is overstated, or understated, the interviewer will sense that you somehow feel disconnected to the piece of paper sitting on their desk. Study the rules of good resume writing, and then employ your own person to tell your story.


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