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Internship Advice from Recent Interns

"Definitely do it! In today's job market, it's not enough to just have a degree. Most employers are looking for people with a degree and relevant experience."

(MBA male respondent)

"Do it. Starting pay is generally higher after graduation because of the applicable work experience."

(MBA male respondent)

"I would highly recommend interning with a government agency. The flexibility and learning potential is so great and the benefits are well worth the experience. They are applicable to both the public and private sector."

(MBA female respondent)

"It was an invaluable experience. I was offered a job, but I declined the offer. The company I interned with had a very strong reputation in the industry and, on paper, it seemed like a "dream job," but I learned that I didn't like the corporate culture. I went with a smaller company and I like it much better. I did get some good experience and good references out of the internship." (MBA female respondent)

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