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Data & Integrations Engineer

Portland, OR ~ October 11, 2017

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Headquarters: Portland, OR
URL: http://grnh.se/s8rvyb1

Hey Data Lovers!

We're looking for a Data and Integrations Engineer to be responsible for all of the internal business data for Customer.io. Our strategy is to get data from all of the tools we use to power our functions: finance, customer support, sales, marketing, and product and put it all in a data warehouse. From there we can leverage that data by combining it and making it visible to the company in dashboards, or making it accessible in the tools people use every day to do their job. 

We have a lot of this infrastructure set up already using a third party. Your job is to take over the responsibility of getting all our data from point A to point B and making sure it’s reliable and complete. You’ll work with other departments within Customer.io to continuously improve and update the data in our warehouse and our understanding of it in order to help us be better, smarter, faster.

There's a lots more information over at http://grnh.se/s8rvyb1 . You can also email me with any questions about the role or company -- rachel [at] customer [dot] io. I look forward to chatting with you soon!

To apply: Please read more at http://grnh.se/s8rvyb1

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