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Business Manager

Buffalo, New York ~ October 03, 2018

["Assist with preparation of unit budgets, monitor all expenditures for unit, supervise the maintenance of financial accounts and records, create and analyze financial reporting, and implement procedures for preparing the budget within the Student Life and University accounting setting. \r\n\r\nMonitor approved expenditures and revenue to ensure adequate funding and anticipate/detect potential problems. This includes all funds, regardless of source and all expenditure types including but not limited to operational and personnel Responsible for providing guidance related to unit procurement, bidding, accounts payable and post audit for (approximate) $3.5M operational budget to ensure expenditures meet university and departmental purchasing guidelines. Educate unit director/managers regarding fiscal year budget spending plan, anticipate and project expenditures, determine their discretionary balance, gain an overall “big picture” view of their annual budget, and how to identify annual budget needs. Respond to their questions. Alert unit directors/managers to potential shortfalls or other “red flags” in a timely manner to permit a slowing of expenditure or preparation of justification to request additional budget allocation. \r\n\r\nCoordinate annual fee review and proposal process with unit and Administration and Planning. Monitor fee/revenue accounts assigned to departments.", "The Business Manager will provide HR guidance to assigned departments. In coordination with Adminstration and Planning s/he will act as a resource to employees and most notably, unit directors. S/he develops position descriptions and performance programs as well as provides guidance to the unit directors on personnel planning. The incumbent will serve as a hiring manager for all units, maintain tracking system for all performance related transactions (probations, job descriptions, performance programs and appraisals); monitor completion of documents and adherence to deadlines in accordance with university and divisional policies and procedures; maintain knowledge of university training opportunities for personal skill development and for the benefit of employees in the division. When appropriate s/he will serve on hiring committees to ensure the recruitment of highly qualified candidates that can best carryout the mission of Student Life and university and will advise department heads with regard to minority recruitment and retention. S/he will review, approve EPTF for all appointment types per Student Life policy/procedures . S/he will serve on the University Human Resources committees as assigned.", "Work with colleagues to understand their reporting requirements. Act as a “portal” for managers through which all requests for/problems concerning financial information flow. Collaborate with Administration & Planning and University Business Services to determine where and how information can be obtained. Develop methods to analyze and monitor year to date budgets utilizing university data systems.. \r\nPrepare various special cost analyses upon request of supervisor, to respond to current issues facing Student Life, inclusive of department fee post audit reporting. Prepare various year-end financial reports for Student Life. Ensure total costs are reflected. Compare costs over time, applying experience to know where and when to adjust for confounding factors (e.g., reorganization of the unit, new/deleted cost centers) to permit “apples-to-apples” comparisons.\r\nGathering information from a wide variety of sources, utilize knowledge of the data and significant judgment to ensure costs reported reflect total true costs. These analyses typically involve quantifying costs for a specific purpose, preparing comparative costs for benchmarking purposes, or participating in special financial studies conducted by the campus or AAU peer groups. \r\nIdentify and establish data export/import between the various business software systems in order to create reports and ensure the accuracy and consistency of the financial data in those reports.", "Support supervisor with financial aspects associated with strategic initiatives, or project related reporting. Support other duties and projects as assigned."]

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