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Research Technician II

Buffalo, New York ~ November 07, 2018

The Department of Medicine, has an opening for a self-motivated and independent Research Technician II. This individual will work closely with other members of the research team.
Duties and responsibilities
• Perform experiments on small animals involving administration of anesthetics, surgery, intraperitoneal and intravenous injections, and harvesting of appropriate tissues and/or fluids. Perform small animal behavior training/testing.
• Prepare and perform analysis of sample preparations of tissues, cell extracts, culture medium, blood, CSF, etc. for various compounds or molecular activities of interest utilizing immunohistochemistry/immunocytochemistry, enzyme-linked immunoabsorbant substrate assays (ELISA), bioassays, colormetric protein assays, RNA extraction, Q-RT-PCR analysis, and western blot analysis.
• Generate and maintain tissue cultures.
• Propagate established continuous cell lines. Prepare culture medium and solutions for cellular and biochemical procedures and assays.
• Assist in the maintenance of the laboratory, including, but not limited to: routine equipment maintenance; proper handling, disposal, and record keeping of hazardous materials and waste (i.e., chemicals, MSDS, sharps, and blood); maintaining an inventory of laboratory materials; and maintaining a safe and clean laboratory environment.
• Record and catalog procedures and results.
• Assist in the tabulation, analysis, and presentation of experimental data.
• Assist with manuscript preparation
• Participate in laboratory meetings and read applicable scientific literature
• Help with general lab organization; maintain purchasing information and perform ordering.
• Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

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