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Associate Operations Specialist

Buffalo, New York ~ February 11, 2019

Associate Operations Specialist
This position will report to the Director of the UB Center for Urban Studies and will assist in the overall operations of the Center. The primary task of the associate operations specialist is to ensure that the Center operates in a highly efficient and effective manner and that our resources, including human talent, is maximized. These responsibilities will include:
1. Administrative support:
a. The position will provide administrative support for the director: maintaining calendar; scheduling meeting; setting appointment; making travel arrangements; interfacing with significant publics and engaging in other activities as needed to support the director’s operations. The position will be responsible for setting up and managing a hardcopy and digital information management system for the director.
b. Manage outer-office day-to-day activities. Manage the office schedule, including the assistant director’s calendar, as well as maintain and monitor the time and attendance of all student employees and interns. The position will be responsible for assigning office work stations for interns and graduate students, as well as scheduling outer office and other meetings.
c. Additionally, the position will manage student affairs and the day-to-day office activities. This includes the assigning of computers and office space and overseeing all outer office activities.
2. Monitoring: The associate operations specialist monitor all activities to ensure that are in compliance with university regulations.
3. Communications: the position will direct the Center’s communications activities, which includes Face Book and Twitter. This task requires developing stories and other posts that are designed to comment on urban and socioeconomic interest germane to the Center’s mission.
4. Website Management and Development: this position will be responsible for having material placed on the website, and working on upgrades on the design and placement of materials. These activities will include ListServe development, doing email blast, and using the website as the prime information and branding tool at the UB Center.
Prime qualifications
1. Excellent writing and oral communication skills and enjoy working in a collaborative university setting.
2. Be an aggressive and quick learner that loves to take on intellectual challenges, enjoys learning new things, and takes pride in being intellectually stretched.
3. Must have an enquiring mind and desirous of learning how to conduct internet search and similar types of information gathering activities.
4. Enjoys working with diverse groups and with issues relating to race, sexism and social justice.
5. Comfortable learning new technologies

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