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Buffalo, New York ~ June 25, 2019

Job duties include performing a variety of routine manual work under supervision. These tasks include, but are not limited to the following duties: cleaning of an assigned area; picking up/removing items and disposing of them properly; washing floors, corridors, stairs, stairwells, walls, partitions and windows; cleaning and sanitizing all kitchen areas, lavatories and bathrooms.
Must be able to work from step stools and ladders; wash light fixtures and high places such as ceilings. Must have the ability to stand, stoop, bend, twist and stretch for long periods of time. Will occasionally remove snow/ice, clean sidewalks, general walkways and/or drives.
Candidates must demonstrate their understanding of duties associated with the position and the importance of providing excellent customer service in a diverse and multi-cultural environment. They must be able to understand and follow verbal and/or written instructions and directions and be able to communicate effectively for the purpose of exchanging information.
Since the activities of other employees depend upon the availability of the employee in this position, reliable attendance is a factor that will be considered when filing vacancies.
Opening/Closing weekends are required work weekends.

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