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Unit Business Officer, School of Management

Buffalo, New York ~ November 04, 2019

["•\tGovern and lead all administrative functions including finance, HR, space planning and facilities management\r\n•\tServe as a trusted advisor to unit and confidant to leadership\r\n•\tInfluence and advise department leaders\r\n•\tMake recommendations\r\n•\tDemonstrate and model integrity and emotional intelligence \r\n•\tProblem solve with innovation and creativity\r\n•\tSupervise staff \r\n•\tCreate vision and strategy for the department’s management, reporting and growth\r\n•\tDetermine and disseminate internal policies \r\n•\tLead the process for determining final budgets \r\n•\tEstablish processes that increase productivity and communication between the unit/department head/Dean’s office and related staff\r\n•\tProvide leadership and direction in articulating a budget philosophy\r\n•\tCreate and foster a culture of collaborative and transparent budget decision making", "•\tCoordinate high level special projects on behalf of department leadership\r\n•\tDemonstrate integrity when managing: multiple funds, department budget, accounting, business functions, reporting, and investments(where appropriate)\r\n•\tOrganize and supervise all funds and related budgetary affairs\r\n•\tAdvise on resource strategy and management \r\n•\tAlign human and operational costs with revenue and department/university vision\r\n•\tDevelop and coordinate forecasting\r\n•\tDevelop and coordinate annual academic and operating budget planning process\r\n•\tDevelop and coordinate funding strategies with department leaders\r\n•\tEvaluate and track enrollment projections\r\n•\tProvide analysis \r\n•\tProvide advice, guidance and recommendations to department leaders\r\n•\tMaintain objectivity and transparency\r\n•\tMonitor all academic/Unit/Department) program and project costs (as appropriate)\r\n•\tAssess financial case for new programs and growth of existing programs\r\n•\tBalance expense and growth focus\r\n•\tInitiate and coordinate all budget planning activities encompassing a variety of funding sources\r\n•\tDevelop budget implementation, maintenance, reporting strategy and infrastructure \r\n•\tAssist/collaborate with VP/AVP/Dean in budget development and implementation", "•\tServe as area HR Manager\r\n•\tOversee area HR Functions\r\n•\tAdvise/Assist at the department level on all HR matters\r\n•\tEvaluate, track and plan/project funding of new hires, staff assignments\r\n•\tManage employee relations matters on behalf of the unit in collaboration with Central Human Resources, Employee Relations\r\n•\tLiaise and collaborate with Central HR\r\n•\tOversee/Promote recruitment efforts in collaboration with Central HR\r\n•\tOversee/promote performance program development and appraisal planning\r\n•\tPrioritize and create efficiencies and balance in HR workload throughout unit/department /school \r\n•\tWorkforce professional development and succession planning", "•\tCoordinate facilities activities, rehabs and moves\r\n•\tEvaluate and track space issues\r\n•\tOversee facilities and space inventories", "•\tServe on school/department Leadership team \r\n•\tCollaborate and transparently build consensus within department on direction and approach\r\n•\tDevelop and coordinate annual academic and operating budget planning process\r\n•\tParticipate in strategic thinking and the long-term planning related to departmental needs and goals\r\n•\tCreate and maintain relationships with Central HR, Financial Services and Resource Planning\r\n•\tServe on school/department and University committees \r\n•\tEffectively represent department when participating on cross functional committees, project teams \r\n•\tEffectively represent department when participating university resource planning meetings and committees\r\n•\tExercise emotional intelligence while interacting with others at all levels of the university", "•\tServe as a trusted advisor to unit and confidant to leadership\r\n•\tDevelop and prepare budget reporting\r\n•\tMaintain objectivity and transparency\r\n•\tDisseminate vision, strategies, policies\r\n•\tEffectively interpret reports and forecasting for department leaders\r\n•\tInfluence and advise department leaders\r\n•\tCompile and reports on information related to senior leaders re enrollment, space management, human resource usage, alumni engagement\r\n•\tEffectively represent and report on university resource planning needs, challenges and opportunities as a result of committee participation\r\n•\tInteract effectively with a wide range of individuals in department, on campus, as well as at the SUNY and state levels", "Serve as a gatekeeper and guardian in matters of compliance and risk management to:\r\n•\tEnsure accreditation \r\n•\tEnsure/assure departmental alignment, compliance, control measures and business operations\r\n•\tEnsure accurate record keeping\r\n•\tEstablish and maintain internal controls\r\n•\tEstablish a system of fiscal control for the planning and implementation of resource allocation that are in compliance with NYS, University and departmental policies and procedures"]

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