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Postdoctoral Associate

Buffalo, New York ~ November 19, 2020

We are inviting applications for a postdoctoral position in the recently established laboratory of Dr. Beirowski (http://hjkri.buffalo.edu/beirowski.html) at the Hunter James Kelly Research Institute in Buffalo, New York State. The Beirowski lab focuses on elucidating the molecular mechanisms of the degeneration of axons, the longest cellular projections of neurons, using a broad repertoire of innovative methods including metabolomics (e.g. Beirowski et al., 2014, Nature Neuroscience 17(10)). Potential projects encompass the development and characterization of novel mutant animal models showing compromised axon integrity in the nervous system secondary to glial abnormalities. Applicants should have demonstrated outstanding performance throughout their previous studies with their own publications. The successful candidate is a highly motivated and exceptionally organized team player with good communication skills. Strong language and writing English skills are also important.

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