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Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies

Buffalo, New York ~ September 09, 2021

• Actively contribute to the senior management team for operational and long-term strategic direction and effectiveness.
• Demonstrate awareness of the challenges and opportunities for justice, diversity, inclusion, equity and access in staffing, services, collections, and physical spaces within the Libraries, the university, and in higher education.
• Demonstrate commitment to advancing justice, diversity, inclusion, and equity in organizations.
• Direct all aspects of the portfolio, ensuring that the library’s strategic and operational plans are incorporated into and accomplished through unit goals and objectives.
• Guide, develop, and supervise middle managers directly and through them manage additional faculty and staff.
• Assess operating and staffing needs, develop plans accordingly.
• Manage resources and project plans, set priorities, ensure sustained progress toward achieving goals, and drive continuous improvement in operations and services.
• Collaborate with AUL for Research, Collections & Outreach, the AUL for Law, the AUL for Administration and Distinctive Collections, and other members of the senior leadership team to create and support new services, identify areas of growth and need, and make determinations about services and activities that should be discontinued.
• Guide the tenure and promotion process for University Libraries’ faculty, including mentoring, coaching, and career development.
• Prepare dossiers for the unit’s professional staff who are eligible for permanent appointment or receive a promotion through the assumption of new duties.
• Empower faculty and staff to be creative problem-solvers and make decisions through involvement in teams, committees, and work groups.
• Stay abreast of policies and evolving trends and technologies impacting academic research libraries and the higher education environment.
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• Serve as the Libraries’ chief technology strategist who collaborates with key stakeholders to curate, classify, visualize, manage, and archive research data that researchers, scholars and students seek, create, use, and share.
• Lead the conception, development and implementation of technology projects that meet the goals and objectives of the Libraries and the university, conform to establish standards, and are completed on time and within budget.
• Maintain accountability for the overall direction, design, acquisition, installation, and secure operation of all technology used by the University Libraries.
• Ensure the Libraries implement and support technologies that provide all university constituents and visitors full access to library resources and services.
• Direct the design, development, coordination, and assessment of the University Libraries’ platforms supporting digital scholarship, including Digital Collections, the UB Institutional Repository and the Libraries’ website.
• Develop effective technologies, solutions, collaborations, and partnerships, especially in data curation, digitization, and digital scholarship, that advance the current and future needs of UB’s faculty, researchers, students, and communities.
• Ensure that the Libraries’ digital holdings and services are widely and conveniently accessible through the Libraries’ Web interfaces, HathiTrust and other commonly used resources.
• Collaborate with UBIT on support for the Libraries’ computing environment, including open computing spaces, teaching labs, and maker technologies.
• Collaborate with the Libraries’ senior leadership team on the delivery and assessment of services provided at service desks, in technology-enhanced library spaces, through the Libraries’ web presence, the university institutional repository, and on digital content.
• Collaborate with the AUL for Administration and Digital Strategies to ensure that marketing and communication surrounding the Libraries’ online presence is current and effective.
• Collaborate with senior leadership on planning and preparation of technology budgets, acquisition of information technology, management of technology licenses, and contact with outside vendors.
• Seek opportunities to cultivate productive working relationships, collaborations, and partnerships with the University at Buffalo IT community and with regional, state, national and international entities.
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• Serve as the immediate supervisor for the Head of Discovery Services providing support and overall direction for discovery services including acquisitions, electronic resources, cataloging and metadata services.
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• Serve as the immediate supervisor for the Head of Delivery Services providing support and overall direction for delivery services including circulation, reserve, ILL, Delivery+, stacks maintenance, Annex operations, and preservation.
• Provide support to implement inventive approaches to new user services.
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•\tProvides collaborative leadership to build out an innovative center in the libraries that will provide data services to researchers in the health science disciplines.
•\tActively supports the promotion of data curation services to the campus community.

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