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Director of Human Resources/Unit Diversity Officer

Buffalo, New York ~ November 15, 2021

  • Serve as internal consultant and strategic advisor to the VPSL and leadership team.
  • Lead, manage, and develop an efficient and highly competent talent and HR team who serve as valuable partners to the management of the organization, and supportive advocates of effective staff management and development.
  • Displays visionary leadership,  seeks ways to fulfill the vision; shows commitment to the organizational mission; displays passion and optimism; inspires respect and trust; mobilizes others to fulfill the vision.
  • Align our talent strategy to be an employer of choice within our industry. ​
  • Guide senior leaders in implementing employee engagement initiatives at the organizational, team, and individual employee levels. ​
  • Work with the central HR and Equity Diversity Inclusion to ensure regulatory compliance with all state and federal employment laws.
  • Collaborate and partner with the office of the Employee Relations, as needed, on employee relations matters, anticipating regulatory changes, and implementing strategies to ensure adherence to ethical standards across the organization.
  • Develops workable implementation plans; communicates changes effectively; builds commitment and overcomes resistance; prepares and supports those affected by change; monitors transition and evaluates results.
  • Includes staff in planning, decision-making, facilitating and process improvement; takes responsibility for direct report activities; makes oneself available to staff; provides regular performance feedback; solicits and applies customer feedback (internal and external); uses feedback to modify thinking; fosters quality focus in others; improves processes, products and services; continually works to improve supervisory skills.
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  • In partnership with the VPIX, supports the development, articulation, and implementation of an EDI strategy to embed equity across the organization.
  • Provides strategic leadership and change management of layering equity into the lifecycle of talent management—recruitment and retention of diverse candidates and staff, respectively; organization engagement and performance management that is inclusive and equitable, respectively; training and development; succession planning; and compensation and benefits, all of which are also inclusive and equitable.
  • Help set the tone and nurture a collaborative and culturally competent workplace environment and promote a culture of belonging and respect.
  • Provide organizational leadership around culture assessment and development, introducing and managing organizational change and development initiatives.
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  • Build a robust recruitment strategy, focused on equity and diversity and is aligned with our guiding principles.  ​
  • Provides strategic direction and oversight on compensation and benefits, ensuring regulatory compliance, equity, and competitive salary levels necessary to attract and retain qualified staff.
  • Modernize and make transparent our compensation philosophy and structure. Design a comprehensive strategy to integrate practices that focus on work life balance, retention and professional development. This includes the processes for managing, analyzing, and determining the salary, incentives, and benefits each employee receives. ​
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  • Directs the development of training and organizational development programs through staff or external consultants that address personal, professional, and organizational needs of employees and departments, supporting equitable opportunities for continuous learning.
  • Better utilize data to build talent development plans, and formulate cross-organizational processes to facilitate aligned succession plans.
  • Create a robust professional development and training program, inclusive of cultural competencies and standardization of experience across all employee types. 
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  • Provide coaching/advising of senior leaders on team development and key organizational and management issues. Develop a unified approach and corresponding tools for senior leaders to evaluate, design and align their structures to build high-performing teams.
  • Design and align HR strategy, including a talent management strategy, to support the overall mission and strategic framework of the division in support of employee retention.
  • Evaluate and redesign the processes, tools, and activities to manage, maintain, and/or improve the performance of employees, and on-boarding & off-boarding process.
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  • Directs overall management of the division’s staff recruitment and employment processes, ensuring that all federal and state laws, regulations, and standards are met, and that the division’s equal opportunity and diversity goals are met.

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