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Relocation: Are Employees Truly Willing To Change Cities for New Job Opportunities?

According to our QuickPoll identifying relocation trends...

  • Four percent of women candidates are very willing to relocate for the right job.
  • Forty-six percent of MBA candidates are very willing to relocate.
  • Nineteen percent of diverse candidates are very willing to relocate.

When requesting that employees transfer for positions or offering candidates jobs in distant locations, be sure to provide guidelines that will help each candidate determine whether moving is the best choice for him/her. This will ensure that your company gains the most positive and best employee for a position! Encourage potential relocaters to:

  • Discuss the opportunity with spouse and family. Ensure that all family members agree to the move. Discontent family members forced to move for an employee can cause that employee stress, which will impact his/her performance on the job.
  • Research the new city by looking up city indexes that provide demographic details and cost of living vs. average income comparisons.
  • Speak with employees currently working in the new city to determine what the lifestyle and pace is like.

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