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What Do Companies Need To Do To Engage Their MBAs?

What do companies need to do to engage their MBAs? According to MBACareers.com, companies need to focus on finding challenging and fulfilling employment opportunities for these fast-track employees.

  1. MBAs are almost always over-achievers. They have been challenged academically, they have excelled and they expect the same in their professional environments. Give your MBAs responsibility for impacting the bottom line, challenge them to stretch their boundaries and reward their progress.
  2. Meet with your MBAs on a regular basis to ascertain their career expectations and learn if their needs are being met.
  3. Broad management experience is a must for fast-track candidates. Make sure that your corporation offers a variety of experiences, advancement opportunities and responsibilities.
  4. Job satisfaction is a key factor in employee retention. These MBAs are your future business leaders. Allow them to prove their worth to your corporation. If you don't your competition will.

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