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Words of Wisdom for a Successful Career

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you chose your career/profession? Real life advice from MBAs!

  • Go back to graduate school earlier.
  • Formal business acumen is important.
  • Have excellent financial management skills as your backbone. Critical thinking is essential.
  • I married an MBA colleague, we both had high-powered jobs, but when he had the opportunity to move overseas and run a division, I had to give up my job. It was the only decision at the time, but now we are separating and he's on the fast track, and I'm starting at mid-level again. Somehow, if you are a woman, you must remember to look out for yourself -- even if you are in love, smart, and have a great job.
  • Learn to lead, and observe and absorb the professional skills that aren't taught in college.
  • To diversify my skills into the new technology trends.
  • How much I would have to travel and that it is required.
  • Develop a network of professionals in all fields. Recognize the skills you have that are transferable.

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